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Around the country, there are many who can help you learn to live and eat and exercise to have a better life outcome.

From desirable food photos to the scoop on how to get happy, these eleven Health & Wellness sites help inspire all of us to stay fit, eat healthily and take on the real world with a smile.

1. MindBodyGreen: Created as a guide to all things wellness, MindBodyGreen provides great tools and advice to inspire a healthy life.

2. Well + Good NYC: The site helps city dwellers take on the healthy living world, but the team at Well + Good appeals to anyone who wants to get the scoop on health trends or the best juice recipes to try.

3. Yoga Dork: With a focus on all things yoga, YogaDork shares a slew of material you didn’t even know you wanted to know about yoga.

4. Even with years of experience in the Kitchn, The Kitchen team blows us out of the water. Before we Google a strange food or a recipe question, we search The Kitchn.

5. She Knows: If you want to know what is hot in health and wellness, She Knows knows. We love the readability of this site and always learn a new thing or two about living healthfully.

6. How Sweet it Is: What we love about Jessica’s fabulous recipe site is she keeps it real. We are talking indulgences and life.

7. The Happiness Project: There is always an “aha” moment when you read the Happiness Project. No joke…happiness is just an article away.

8. The Greatist: If you haven’t jumped on The Greatist bandwagon you are missing out. Full of digestible advice on fitness, health and happiness the growing Greatist team is a site we look up to.

9. Lifehacker: If there is one thing we love it is simplifying our wellness approach. Hacking your life has never been so much fun. Lifehacker has the answer to all of your burning health questions + more. This is a site you want to do a daily check-in.

10. MizFitOnline: The personal and insightful approach to fitness gets us giddy about Carla Birnberg. If you don’t want to take fitness too seriously but still see results then Miz is your girl. (The day she followed us on Twitter we squealed at the screen.)

11. The Edible Perspective: There hasn’t been one recipe that Ashley has posted that we weren’t completely gaga over. And the photography gets an A+ in our book.




Top 10 Free Online Workout Sites

This is my favorite workout website. Though the videos may seem a little scandalous, but the workouts are killer. I see results fast and break a sweat every time. Plus, they update the website frequently. So, you can change your workout every time they update.

Free, lengthy yoga videos at your fingertips. They are easy to follow along like you are in a yoga class. Make sure to make your home environment relaxing while you do yoga at home.
Do Yoga With Me

3. Traineo
A forum of user-submitted workout routines. This website is great because you can see what has worked for others, interact with those who have the same goals, and become more motivated to get through that workout.

4. BeFit on YouTube
Tons of videos with celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels.

5. eFit30 Online Gym
YouTube channel with lengthy free videos.

6. Spark People Videos
Fairly basic, and similar to Exercise TV.

7. Fitness Blender:
Printable and video workouts.
Fitness Blender

8. HomeFitnessTV on YouTube
Videos for specific toning areas. Excellent exercises, but not as easy to put together into a workout plan. is also very similar.

9. Runner’s World TV
Has various YouTube playlists. When you play the string of videos together, you get lengthier workout routines. Geared towards runners, but anyone could try them.
Runner’s World TV